The Best Load Boards in the Market

Load Boards

The number of load boards on the internet tends to exceed your imagination and places you at a confusing stage. As a result, you will be puzzled about the next move and what you need to incorporate further down the road. Since affordable load boards are what we all want, we tend to go ahead and begin our search to find the same. But you need not carry forward that process because we are here with a list of the best load boards in the market. Hence, go ahead and read the following.


Popularly known as the “internet Truckstop,” this load board provider came into the scene in 1995. As they reek of quality and an efficient set of resources, more than 200,000 carriers, brokers, and shippers tend to use their products. The three tiers that they offer for trucking companies are quite famous, and everyone wants to begin their journey with the same. In terms of pricing, you can also be satisfied with the pro package of $149 per month; the second-tier-advanced load board costs $125 per month and basic for just $35 per month.


2. DAT

By operating with three popular freight-matching platforms, DAT is known to be one of the biggest and oldest truck load board providers in the market. Their customer base is huge and tends to keep expanding as they venture further into the market. As their three platforms, DAT Power, DAT TruckersEdge, and DAT Express are all popular around the market, one knows what to expect from their services. Moreover, their pricing policy is also affordable, with packages ranging from $49.95 to $149 per month.


3. Direct Freight

Direct Freight has been a part of the business since 1997 and has been able to bring about significant changes that have managed to change things for the better. With technology being integrated and innovation a part of the process, Direct Freight has always found means to excel and propel ahead of time. As a result, their growth has been phenomenal, and everyone seems to be looking into the same. To make matters all the more impressive, they also provide a 15-day free trial.

4. 123Loadboard

With more than 45 million posts and over 325,000 users, 123Loadboard is another name that can be heard all around the market. Their premium packages begin with a starting price of $55 per month and tend to go further and settle down at an affordable range. Due to that, their pricing model is known to be highly effective for all the right reasons. Like Direct Freight, they also provide a free trial for about ten days to help you understand the kind of services that they offer. Hence, consider these companies and move ahead to choose one.

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