Understanding Cross-docking

Supply chain management is all about flows. Material flowing through warehouses is no exception. Conventionally the warehouses were set up as inventory buffer points along the supply paths so that demand fluctuations across the network could be smoothed. That provided stability to the planning and operations of the supply chain. But better technology, integrated systems and near real-time information exchange… Read More »Understanding Cross-docking

Lean As A

Lean As A Supply Chain Strategy

Lean primarily refers to elimination of waste and is the basic philosophy that originated as part of Toyota Production Systems, with its emphasis on the elimination of waste (muda). Therefore, this philosophy is based on reducing the cost by eliminating activities that do not directly add any value. Cost can be reduced in two ways: (1) by identifying and eliminating… Read More »Lean As A Supply Chain Strategy

Push Or Pull

Push Or Pull?

Before you do, it is important to understand what it means & how it affects the supply chains. Understanding what it means depends a whole lot on the context. It also changes the question from push or pull to a question of where should the inflection occur. Push or Pull as a Business Model: Looking at an extended supply chain… Read More »Push Or Pull?

Postponement As Supply Chain Strategy

The postponement strategy is based on the following two basic principles of demand forecasting.image The accuracy of the forecast demand decreases with an increase in the time horizon. The farther the time window for which the demand is being forecasted, the more inaccurate it will be. The figure graphically represents this effect as a funnel: as time extends farther into… Read More »Postponement As Supply Chain Strategy

Inventory Planning

Replenishment Policies and Inventory Planning

The two processes of replenishment and inventory are closely related. The inventory planning process establishes the optimal inventory levels that must be maintained to meet expected service levels for demand fulfillment. What does that exactly mean? To understand we need to explore the replenishment (or re-ordering) process. In doing so, we will also establish the decision parameters an inventory planning… Read More »Replenishment Policies and Inventory Planning

Chain Management

What are the Benefits of an Effective Supply Chain Management?

The complexity of global supply chains is constantly increasing to make a data-driven approach the key to a secure future. End to end visibility is provided by the data-driven SCM to monitor the flow services, goods, and important information. Data alone doesn’t work wonders to deliver the best results; you also need good vendor and supplier relationships, logistics, and cost… Read More »What are the Benefits of an Effective Supply Chain Management?

Supply Chain

What is Supply Chain Management?

Defining the term in the shortest form would give you results with keywords like ‘products’ and ‘goods and services.’ Anyone familiar with the term logistics may have come across the concept of “supply chain management.” It is simply the process that includes the transformation of raw materials into final products by managing the flow of all goods and services. The… Read More »What is Supply Chain Management?